Byron's story

The person I relate to most in the Bible is Moses, because, like him, I’ve tried avoiding positions of leadership. But, the Lord keeps pushing me into areas of responsibility that I never sought or desired. Each time I finally accept a position or task put before me, I’m blessed. I’ve learned that even if you lack self confidence, you can still have full confidence in the Lord.

At nineteen, I started my career with the phone company (first AT&T, then Michigan Bell, later Ameritech). For most of my career, I managed to get jobs that were considered to be the most desirable... and I thought I was a very lucky guy. Many years later, I learned that the Lord was holding my hand and putting me in the right places at the right times. Why is this significant? Because in the summer of 1997, the Lord called me to minister to Him. By April of 1998 I was able to retire at 46 years old and began working full-time for the church. My responsibilities then included lawn maintenance (5 acres), building maintenance (25,000 sq. feet), treasurer, computer programmer, etc. Eight years later, the Lord has added another task: Minister / Pastor.

From the time of my calling until I "retired," a sequence of miracles took place that enabled me to retire at such an early age (sometime in the future I'll write a much more detailed account). However, I had no clue that everything I had learned during my career would be put to use in the church. I am a living example of person prepared by God to work for his kingdom. I am truly blessed.

My newest responsibility is that of Minister / Pastor. Just one more job I didn’t seek or desire, but, I’ll give it my best shot.

I’m just trusting the Lord... that he knows what he’s doing.


Celebration Church of Christ 2016